My work is based on research about the dual nature of human beings.The biggest duality being life/death, I focus largely on this aspect.

In order to explain and present these great extremes I start from the question of whether life and death are physical or non-physical substance. I understand non-physical substance as internal, emotional, spiritual, divine and the physical one as external, expressive, material, terrestrial.

The assumption that without one extreme the other cannot exist encourages me to look for the connection between them. Since the non-physical substance is elusive, through my series of paintings I am trying to show its connection with the physical substance. My main point of investigation is whether thought can connect the two natures of human beings?

Artworks depicting this research are arranged in two cycles: Portraits and The Relic.

I selected portrait as the best way to present the character and intensity of emotion, i.e. the non-physical dimension of a human being and its affect on the physical. I start with the idea that it is thought that keeps the balance between the inside and the outside of a human. Then I explore emotions that have the power to change human expression to the limit. I experience the construction of a portrait (the process during which the outside is still recognisable) as life, and its deconstruction by the emotion as death. Thought will bridge these two extreme states and restore the balance.

Relic is a cycle of paintings which describes parts of Jesus Christs life. The way of exploring his soul and body leads me deeper towards spiritual-material connection which I show through allegory and symbolism. Trying to find a link between Christs human/divine duality and understanding it through the ages, I infuse every painting with life and death, as they are the ultimate extremes that define human existence.

Landscapes are a separate part of my work where I aim to, through a simple display of nature, reach the inner landscape or the landscape of the soul. Every painting has a basis in nature but I create carefully to the edge of reality all other visual values. I experience the reality of the landscape emotionally and spiritually, connecting it to surreal expression.

As drawing is the foundation of my artwork I pay special attention to it as a very personal way of expression. Every drawing represents a poetic experiment that is embedded in each artwork.

My work includes different types of media such as oil painting, acrylic, watercolors, ink, charcoal, pencils, sculpting clay and film.